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The opening page reads, I enjoy sharing my photos as I do my friends, asking only that you treat them well and see them safely home. This album was put together around 1992 in order to share some of my photography with people. These pictures were all made in the '80's I believe.

Now with this web-based version, I don't have to worry about passing a physical photo album around. Anybody can look and enjoy.

This was taken with a flash set for a narrow coverate angle. Instead of illuminaing the entire scene, the light was concentrated toward the center. This highlights the dog's eyes and accents the pattern of gold fur on the face.


This was taken in Big Bend National Park in Texas. Paul sits on the edge and contemplates the beauty of nature.

A polarizer was used, which removes the glare from the stark rocks, and darkens the sky. A 35mm (wide angle) lens exaggerated the perspective.

This is an early favorite of mine. It looks great as a 20x30" poster.

Dixie is a jet-black cocker spaniel. This photo set is especially important to me now, since Dixie died a couple years ago. This was taken when she was two or three; I don't remember exactly.

She is extremely difficult to photograph, because hardly any detail shows up and anything else in the photo is overexposed.

I overcame this problem with a careful plan. In this set, she poses on a hassoc, which I positioned the proper distance away from the wall so the bright lights fell off just the right amount to expose the background properly.

This is from the first time I just took my camera walking around looking for photos. Children play in a fountain in a park across from the library in Plano, Texas.

A humble flagpole in Oakland, CA becomes a striking work of art when its strong geometry is revealed through the art of photography. This is an example of the photographer making you see something in a certain way. That is, he can put an interpretation on a scene, not just record it.

An old sailing shop gives a flavor to San Francisco.

Susie has the most pronounced case of "red eye" that I have ever heard of. Normally a good camera won't do that anyway, but her peepers resist any attempt to reduce the effect through shooting techniques or lighting.

The original caption concludes, "This is a great pose otherwise." But today I can indeed do something about it. As part of preparing this web-based album, I not only removed the red but made her eyes match her dress.

The vigenette is used to create interesting effects of moods. A decade ago it required skill to use, as the camera's automatic exposure computations won't work right. Today, I think it's a lot simpler (and more flexible) to just shoot a normal picture and add the vigenette or other special effects later in Photoshop.

Linda poses with a bug cuddly friend.

This is another one where a "small flaw" in the original was fixed when I scanned it. Linda suffers from red-eye, too. Subtle in this photo, but certainly better without! I also did a better job of color-correction than can be done with a print. In the print, getting the skin tones right makes the white walls look a little green. I refined the color of the original print by masking off the "white" walls and then adjusting that without messing up everything else.

Rose and Columns

I somehow thought "Rose and Columns" would be a great title for a photo, so I set out to produce such a photo. there are lots of columns around Washington D.C. to choose from.

The diagonal composition gives a bold feeling to this photo of an amusement park ride at Six Flags Over Texas.

This is a lousy photo. However, I include it in my "favorites" because the subject of this photo is the actual favorite. This is a fifty inch print I made of a scene from the Stanton Island Ferry in New York.

This picture was taken at the student show at the University of Texas at Dallas. I don't have this print anymore, as I sold it (and another one) to a local gallary.

By the way, that's me standing next to the picture.

Halloween can be an interesting time for photography. Jennifer plays the "French Maid", and a co-worker surprises everyone.

An interesting ornament at a Christmas Party.

Informal portraits taken during the party. Her earrings first caught my attention, so I asked her to pose for me. The results were magnificent. Looking back at it today, I wish I had some fill-light from the right. I don't remember what I used to soften the flash.

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