Dlugosz Gallary III

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Memorial Day 2000 Portrait

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This was taken 28-May-2000 by my 5-year-old nephew, Daniel. I wanted an updated photo to send people, and had him take one with my digital camera. He was standing and I was sitting, but you can still see an upward angle that characterizes most of his pictures.

John & Camera

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"Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted."

John & Dog

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This was taken with a disposable waterproof camera, just after getting out of the ocean. The original photo is a mess, as there is dried scum on the lens. It was cleaned up quite a bit, and was an early effort in digital image processing. Looking back at it today, I see I've learned a lot about color correction and other "adjustments", as you can see in the previous Gallary page.

Danial with Laptop

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This is my nephew, Daniel. He is three years old in this photo, and loves to use the computer. Showing him a laptop, he took is as a matter of course, and took right to it.

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