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These are some kind words people have said about my work reciently. This is attached to my Amateur Photography and Modeling page.

From: Richard Jordan []
Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2000 10:56 AM
To: Dlugosz, John
Subject: A Note of Thanks
Just a short note to let you know Maya and I are very pleased with your recent photo shoot.  You have an uncanny ability to "see" the great pictures before you pull the trigger.  We cannot believe how many beautiful photos you took in only one shoot.  Usually we expect to get one or two great pictures, but when you presented us with two dozen super shots we were amazed!
Thanks for your great work,
Richard and Maya

This was posted on a newsgroup, as a way to introduce me to a newcomer.

From: Jim Kyle <>
Subject: Re: Our Future
Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 8:24 PM

> I've really only just met him. Is there something I ought to know?

I think all of us who have known him for a while (I first met him in
February 1990) consider John to be the proto-geek...

Everything he goes into, he becomes expert at. He just mentioned in
passing the artwork he does by writing a programmatic description of
the image -- but you have to see some of it to appreciate the
magnitude of understatement involved here! It reminds me of what M. C.
Escher would have done had he used a computer as his drawing tool...

Before that he was into photography -- and I gather that he's still in
that up to his ears (which are even farther off the ground than my
own, and I'm 6'2"). I once earned my living as a magazine
photographer, but his work far outclasses the stuff I did...

Programming, of course, goes without saying. Anything you want to know
about state of the art programming techniques, he can tell you -- but
unless you're at almost the same level of expertise, you'll have
trouble comprehending the descriptions <g>. I'm no slouch in this
area, but John often loses me when he gets into the stratosphere!

Kevin, boB, (and of course you too, John) -- am I fairly close on the
verbal description of an undescribable personality?

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