My ray-traced images are usually rendered at 1280x1024, since that makes an adequate print. Ray-traced images seem particularly fragile, perhaps because one of the aspects of the medium that I take advantage of is the razor-sharp cleanness to everything. All the images available here for public viewing have embedded digital watermarks, which alone can degrade some images. But the real killer is the compression. To make it reasonable to view online, I have to compress it to a degree that, for some images, makes them lose a little something.

For those interested in using the "real thing", the images are available free for non-commercial use. To obtain the source code and/or an un(over)compressed non-digimarked file, email me with a statement that it's for personal, non-commercial use (as explained in the boring copyright page), and I'll email it to you.

Alternativly, you can get the whole collection on CD for US$20, to cover costs and the trouble of mailing the thing.

In any case, enjoy my on-line gallery, and please let me know what I can do to make it better for viewing.

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