Recent Publications

A Cheap Mirror
September 1997 NT Developer

This digs into some new Win32 features, and gives proof-of-concept code for a utility that watches for disk change events and automatically backs up files immediatly after you save them.

The complete text and code is online.

Guru #22 -- Overloading
September 1997 NT Developer

The first in a series on Operator Overloading. It covers a view from a height regarding the overloading process.

Since NT Developer is no longer in publication, I've not added to this series.

Hot Swapping Components
April 1998 Visual C++ Developer

This article was also incorporated into the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) library, and can be found online there.

Smart Pointers Overview
October 1998 Visual C++ Developer

This discusses design requirements, and is intended to be the first in a series. Code available now, as part of the Repertoire Project.

Upcoming Publications


An Exceptional Philosophy
Windows Tech Journal


This article is found on Borland's Website, even though the Cobb Group's C++ journals are no longer in publication. In the first article of this series, I managed to quote Humpty Dumpty from "Alice in Wonderland", work in allusions from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", and still mention Polish Sausage.

The Case for Starting Over

Magazine Information

Pennwell Publishing Company produced NT Developer and Borland C++ Professional. I was a contributing editor of both of these, with a serial of The Guru's Handbook in NT Developer (22nd installment in September'97), and a series called Code Reviews in BC++P.

Pennwell also published Windows Tech Journal, known for its humor and artwork. To answer a common question, no, I didn't draw the pictures that appear with my articles. I never knew what they'd look like until I got the issue myself. The illustrations are blanked out in my proof print.

Pinnacle Publishing has the Visual C++ Developer journal.

Ziff-Davis Education has a new journal on enterprise-level programming using Microsoft's Visual Studio, and also picked up (and redesigned) the old Cobb Group journals.

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