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Phosphor Dots

Just when I think I'm getting good at this, able to write short verses to illustrate ideas at will, I try my hand at writing a poem for someone and find it very very difficult. This took several days of thought and several attempts without progress before it came together.

One reason it was so difficult is that this was my first try at anapestic verse. That is, the feet have three syllables and the accent is on the third. Each line has 4 complete feet. This is the same format as used by "Twas the night before Christmas...". The meter is not quite natural, and it has a rough start. You have to keep the correct format in mind when you read it. First accent is on dots.

The second reason it was difficult is that I didn't know what I wanted to say. Even with a few general ideas, any poem longer than a few lines needs a "plot", so that one idea follows another naturally. It should have an introduction and a conclusion like an essay, or have a sequence of events like a story.

This is sort of an ode to penpalls, and more generally is a tribute to new friendship. I wrote this for someone I had known for a couple weeks, and subsequently became a close and dear friend. But that's another (tragic) story...

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