Digital Photography


Photosolve is a small outfit that makes and sells attachments for digital cameras. In particular, the lens adaptor is the best product of its kind I've found, as well as the cheapest.

Charles Daney's Photography and Digital Imaging links page. It's two years without an update, but I got a number of good things off it.

The only information about Exif file format I've found online is here at TsuruZoh Tachibanaya's site. It doesn't exactly match what Thumbs Plus is showing for my photos, but it's enough to help me interpret the values.

The Digital Wallet looks cool. It's a portable device with a 6BG hard disk that lets you empty your image cards.


FotoForum has galleries and discussions.

My own experimental photo server, Green.

Digita Scripting

Digita Camera says, "We hope to provide you with any information or help you'll need for your new Digita camera, especially in the scripts area. Hey, has anyone written any games yet?"
I guess they aren't keeping up with the news about MAME and MESS.

Ordering Prints

To have prints made, look into one of the many businesses on the Web. Some have special offers and give a whole bunch of 4x6 prints free. I make prints for my own photography customers only. A list of places can be found on my hardcopy page.

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