See also Chunks by Name.

Chunk Type Index

0noneXXXXunused areas in the file
1noneDATAstored file contents
presentattributes to restore as part of the file
64TIMEadvanced timestamp information for files
65FATRFAT file system attributes
66MACFMacintosh Finder info
67SECWWin32 security information
68UNIXUNIX file system attributes
69, 708D3N“8.3”-style short name aliases
2variousINDXdirectory of files stored
3noneTOCNchunk concordance
4noneENDXend-of-archive marker
5presentknown data for transformation algorithms
64TREEdata to seed a frequency-based compressor
65DICTdata to seed a dictionary-based compressor
6variousAGNTidentifies creator and user-defined chunks
7presentinformational attributes associated with the file, but not restored with the file.
64CMNTcomments for the corresponding files
65icons for the corresponding files
67SIZEfile size information
8presentFORMpayload specification advanced transforms
64COMPcompression algorithm
65CRYPencryption algorithm
66fault-tolerance algorithm
9presentUPDPupdatable data parameters
11presenterror detection or validation
64HASHsimple error detection for chunks or files
65SIGNdigital signatures for chunks or files
66, 67, 68KHSHauthentication for chunks or files
12presentRTFMcomment for the entire archive
64always shown
65general comment
66copyright statement
13noneICONsmall bitmap to display
14noneIDENidentifies this file or part
15= INDXROOTsuppliment to INDX: file source or destination
16KEYDkey definition
b##description for each subtype...
17DEATA deleted chunk. Used by a program that wants to use “transactions” for file updates.
18not yet defined
19-30not yet defined
31presentA Hedge against running out of type numbers. This will use subtypes for defining new chunk types.
64JRNLJournaling data for transactions. Used with the DEAT chunks.

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