META Chunk

See more on Chunks in general.

This contains miscelaneous information about the archive or the portion file. Different subtypes contain different uses.


Subtype Instance Meaning
64numberedBase for URIs
65numberedName of README file
66numberedName of SETUP file
670Indicates other-than-normal-archive (e.g. predefined chunks)
680Always look for DATA-a subtypes listed here
690Always read all portions and "notice" everything
700Global settings with partial forward compatibility
710Global settings without forward compatibility

∴Lots to document

META Chunk structure


EXAMPLE TEXT ONLY The d (redundant) Flag must be set.

Instance Number

EXAMPLE The Instance Number must be 0. There is only one instance per archive file (in a multi-part archive, each portion file can have its own).

META Chunk Payload

The Payload contains

Usage Notes


META-b(70) — Global settings with partial forward compatibility

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